Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today’s Loan Options

0 % down payment “Owner Occupied”
Seller can pay closing costs. TRUE zero down loans!!

1. FHA – Max sales price 335k. Must be 1st time buyer or have NOT owned a home in past 3 years. Keep in MIND…this is for Zero down, FHA finances up to $567,500.
2. USDA –Snohomish County: Anything East of Hwy 9, if home appraises for more than sales price you can borrow equity to make repairs to home. King County: Anything East of Issaquah
3. VA – Must have eligibility


3 % down payment “Owner Occupied”
Seller can pay closing costs.

1. FHA – up to loan amount of $567,500 - Loan amount is being reduced back down to 417k Jan 1st
Down Payment source
• Family member “gift”
• Friend “gift”
• Grant program up to $10,000 > I have details if needed


5% down payment “Owner Occupied”
1.Conventional with private mortgage insurance; No longer can I do a 1st mortgage up to 80% with a 15% piggy back 2nd mortgage to avoid Mtg. insurance. Interest only is available!!!


If you have questions on the above or about other programs available please don’t hesitate to ask Rob!!! Times have changed and continue to change daily, he doesn't expect you to know what financing is available these days.

Provided by The KEY Team - Preferred Lender:

Robert Wolverton, Mortgage Advisor
Mortgage Advisory Group, Mill Creek, WA
Direct: 425-418-3233

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