Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stacey Lange becomes Buyer's Agent for Murray Franklyn at Fernwood Grove in Bothell

Fernwood Grove has much sought after large homes sites along with our largest floor plans, open space and Northshore School district. Features include:

* Homes from 3,200 to 4,030 Square Feet
* 3 Car Garages
* Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
* Guest Suites
* OnQ Wiring System
* Slab Granite Kitchen Counters
* Convenient to I-5 / I-405
* Top Bellevue Based Builder for over 40 years!

To Learn View Homes Available at Fernwood Grove -- Click Here or Visit http://www.murrayfranklyn.com/

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Furnace/Heat System Tip

Fall is a good time to check your funace for proper operation. Turn your system to the heat function, just as you would when the weather becomes cold, to ensure it is heating properly. If you discover there is a problem you can schedule a service call with a professional before the cold weather arrives. If winter is upon you and your system goes out you run the risk of waiting several cold days during what is their busiest season.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

7 Ways for Stretching your Gas Tank

Go Easy on the Pedals: Jackrabbit driving is a killer when it comes to bruning fuel. Remember that slow and steady wins the race in more ways than one.

Avoid Long Idles: The bottom line is idiling burns more gas than restarting your engine.

Drive the Speed Limit: The higher the speed, the more gas your car will use.

No Junk in the Trunk: Clean out your trunk and the rest of your car for the matter. Excess weight bogs down your vehicle causing it to burn more fuel.

Use Overdrive and Cruise Control: Most automatic transmission have these features. If you drive a stick, consult your owner's manual about the recommended RPM's when shifting.

Keep Tires Inflated and Aligned: Believe it or not, frequent alignments and keeping your tires inflated to the proper amount will save you gas.

Honor Your Scheduled Maintainence: Scheduled maintainance is designed to help your car run as efficiently as possible.

Provided by The KEY Team - Preferred Title Professional:
Teresa Hollenbeck
Commonwealth Title, Bellevue, WA
Direct: 425.221.0066
Email: thollenbeck@landam.com

Monday, September 8, 2008

Stacey Joins Facebook

The word is spreading like wildfire with most everyone on know quickly join Facebook and reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. As an additional network resource I quickly jumped on board and was so pleasantly surprised to find old classmates and co-workers with very little effort and much reward.

I am sure there are many of you out there shaking your head as I did simply thinking "maybe I am too old" for facebook, but I strongly suggest you give it a shot as I think you will be shocked as you find countless acquiantances.

If you do take the time to join, or maybe you are ahead of the game and already have your profile established -- Add me! I'd love to see you on MY FRIENDS list.

Nehemiah and all Down Payment Assistance Programs are gone!!!

We have finally received confirmation that FHA has "terminated" the use of seller down payment assistance programs. All files must have final credit approval and appraisal on or before Sept. 30th. In essence we should be ready to pull docs and go to escrow by month end. There will be no exceptions.

The loan May Fund After "Sept. 30th" but there can be no changes of any kind.

This is a great time to spur on your first time buyers, "fence sitters". If you can get them to commit and buy right now, we'll get the loan set up and ready by Sept. 30th!

The FHA 30 yr fixed is looking good at 5.875%. At a rate of 6.5% we have enough rebate to cover the origination fee and most of the closing costs.

For More Information Contact:
Hank Stecker, Branch Manager/Mortgage Consultant
Windermere Mortgage Services Series LLC/SBA
Phone: 425.488.3979
Cell: 206.947.3528
Confidential Fax: 425.488.3942
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